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Wellness hotel in Dorf Tirol near Merano

Warmth for body and soul

Breathe in, breathe out. Relax your body. Let go of the daily grind. Recharge your batteries. A session in the sauna will rev up your circulation and do wonders for your health. Sweat it all out in the saunas and wellness area of our Holtel in Dorf Tirol.

Finnish Sauna

A traditional sweat, at 90°C and low humidity. A session in the Finnish sauna of our wellness hotel in Dorf Tirol will rev up your cardiovascular system, strengthen your immune system and detox your body.

Steam bath

More gentle than the Finnish sauna, a steam bath works on your body at 40-50°C and high humidity.


The warmth and the high humidity of this steam and inhalation bath are very good for lungs and mucous membranes, help circulation and stimulate your metabolism.

Aroma grotto

Relax and detox at 45°C in our wellness hotel in Dorf Tirol. You can choose whatever aroma you wish:
Lavender: calming and relaxing - ideal for total relaxation
Rose: balancing for the psyche
Orange: sunny southern vibrations for your soul

Hotel Dorf Tirol
Hotel Dorf Tirol
Special showers

To cool off after a session in the sauna.

Relaxation lounge

After any exertion, one's body needs rest. Retreat into yourself and let go.

Our wellness offers for you:

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