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Holidays in Dorf Tirol

Dazzling Alpine and yet Mediterranean landscapes

Do you enjoy the Mediterranean climate? But still appreciate impressive mountain landscapes? Then you will love Dorf Tirol! Dorf Tirol offers an enjoyable combination of southern climate and flair and Alpine landscapes. Vineyards, olive trees, cypresses, oleanders and palms grow happily next to spruces and pines. Don't miss this fascinating combination! 

Tips on your holiday in Dorf Tirol:

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The Castle - Schloss Tirol

The landmark of Dorf Tirol is Schloss Tirol, the former house of the counts of Tyrol and the birthplace of the region of Tyrol. A visit to the castle is a must. The architecture is fascinating and so is the museum of culture and regional history

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Gufyland: Eagles, Vultures, Falcons, Owls

Near Schloss Tirol is Gufyland, a wild bird recovery and rescue centre for eagles, vultures, falcons and owls. Its funny-sounding name comes from "gufo", the Italian word for owl.  While on holiday in Dorf Tirol, take a look at the world of these powerful birds of prey. The falconers can tell you interesting stories about their wards and show you how they fly.

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The existence of these farms was first documented in the Middle Ages. They have only been accessible by road for a few years now, before one could only reach them on foot or with the Hochmuth cable cars. Today life on the Muthöfen is still one of hard work. Take a moment during your holiday in Dorf Tirol to visit this interesting little corner of the world!

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The irrigation channels

These irrigation channels, called "Waale" in German, are channels that were used to bring water from the mountains to the fields and meadows. The channels had to be kept clear of leaves, stones and other debris, and the people who did this work would walk along the paths beside the channels. Today, these paths are used for walking and strolling. In Dorf Tirol you can walk along the Meraner irrigation channels and discover the region. These walks are excellent activities for families as well.

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Gruppo di Tessa, Meraner Höhenweg & Sopranes Lakes

A holiday in Dorf Tirol will open the doors of the magnificent Gruppo di Tessa natural park, the largest in Alto Adige. On the Meraner Höhenweg, you can wander through the park on just under 100 km of trails. Another highlight are the ten Sopranes or Spronser Lakes, at 2.500 m.

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