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Tips for trips in Alto Adige

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Alto Adige has lots of castles, keeps and manors, fascinating natural parks, museums and shows and interesting places to go. Whether you like culture, are a nature fan or are travelling with your family: We will be happy to give you personalized advice on the best places to visit.

Tips for trips in Alto Adige:

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MMM – Messner Mountain Museum

Reinhold Messner and mountains go together like tea and cream. After an active mountain-climbing career, the world-famous Messner founded 6 differnt museums to showcase the mountains - the MMM, the Messner Mountain Museums. Visit the MMMs on the Ortler, at Schloß Juval, in Firmian near Bolzano, i Brunico and in the Dolomites.

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Ötzi, the man from the ice

Barely 30 years ago, the discovery of a corpse at the Hauslabjoch made the whole world wonder. Ötzi, the man from the ice, spent 5,000 years buried in snow and ice. Today, Ötzi is one of the best-known mummies in the world and is on display at the Museum of Archeology in Bolzano.

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The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site

More than anything else, they are the symbol of Alto Adige: the Dolomites. In eastern Alto Adige, they are white, and around Bolzano the setting sun paints them a deep rosy pink. But wherever you look at them, you will be enchanted.  Discover the Dolomites in short or longer tours or in the Bletterbach gorge.

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Bletterbach gorge

The Bletterbach gorge near Redagno, or Radein, also known as the Canyon in Alto Adige, gives a fascinating account of the birth of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dive into the past and marvel at the fossils.

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Mountain lakes to swim in

Alto Adige is very rich in lakes: in the Venosta valley, the lovely Lake Resia, or Reschensee, with a tower rising from its waters, the ten Sopranes Lakes in the Gruppo di Tessa natural park, in the Sarentino valley the Durnholzer Lake, in the Val d'Ultimo there are numerous reservoirs and in the Dolomites, the lovely Alpine lakes. And there are many lakes one can swim in as well: a natural pond in Gargazzone, the Monticolo lakes in Appiano, the warmest swimming lake in the Alps in Caldaro.

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The only planetarium between Munich and Venice is in San Valentino In Campo or Gummer, above Bolzano. Near there is the astronomic observatory, the sun observatory and a planet path developed specialy for families.

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The Earth Pyramids on the Renon

In Collalbo, or Klobenstein, you will find the highest and best-shaped earth pyramids in Europe! The morainic clay they are made of is over 25,000 years old and comes from the former glacier in the Isarco valley. Once dry, the clay is rock-hard, but it softens in the rain and slowly washes away. Under the stone "caps", the clay is protected, so the pyramids grow at every rainfall. The earth pyramids on the Renon or Ritten mountain are constantly changing: some rise, others fall and still others are born.

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