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Holidays in Merano and its surroundings

A sophisticated city surrounded by a heavenly landscape

Merano, the city in the western part of Alto Adige with a chic flair and a Mediterranean climate has always been a favourite travel destination. Both Franz Kafka and the Austrian Empress Sissi spent time here. And even today, the spa city, with its mild climate and healthy air, welcomes guests from all over the world.

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Merano, the Garden City

The gardens of Schloss Trauttmansdorff are among the most beautiful in the world (prize in 2013). But that isn't all: There are parks, green areas and flowerbeds all over the city that give the city its character and charm. Not far from Merano, in the Labyrinth Garden of the Kränzelhof you can search for the right way out, and, in so doing, perhaps even find yourself.

Tips to enjoy Merano and its surroundings:

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The Knottnkino, Nature's cinema

Don't miss this! A belvedere, a fascinating view, a couple of chairs and nature as your leading lady. You will love the Knottnkino. The movie starts every second and lasts as long as you like.

The Partschinser Waterfall

Impressive! At snowmelt 5,000 to 10,000 litres of water thunder over the falls every second. About 100 m high, the waterfall in Parcines, or Partschins, is one of the highest and most spectacular falls in Alto Adige.

Hotel Dorf Tirol
Hotel Dorf Tirol

Railway World in Rabland

Fantastic! In Rabland, you will see the biggest digital model railway set in Italy, with about 20,000 pieces. 700 trains moving over 800 m of track in a miniature Alto Adige built perfectly to scale. And children can play with trains in the children's corner.

2000-year-old larches

Now these trees are OLD. In Val d'Ultimo, or Ultental, you will find the oldes larch trees in the world. They are over 2000 years old and at 6-8 m around, they are really, really big.

Hotel Dorf Tirol
Hotel Dorf Tirol

The biggest grapevine

Gigantic! At Castle Katzenzungen in Prissiano, or Prissian bei Tisens, grows the largest grapevine on Earth: the Versoaln. Its branches cover about 350 square metres of pergola. But it's not just its size that is surprising: the vine is about 350 years old.

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