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Active holidays in Alto Adige

Discover your desire to move

Mountains, alms, vineyards and orchards, as far as the eye can see. Discover your desire to move in the lovely landscape around Dorf Tirol. Being active keeps your mind clear and keeps you looking good!

Our sport tips:

Hotel Dorf Tirol


On your pedals, get set, go! Dorf Tirol and its surroundings are ideal for bike rides. MTB-Fans can ride on alms and marvellous trails in the Gruppo di Tessa natural park. For those who prefer lighter racing bikes, we recommend the roads to the passes: Timmelsjoch, Stilfserjoch,  Jaufenpass, Gampen- & Mendelpass and many more. And the ancient Roman Via Claudia Augusta is ideal for enjoyable bike strolls in the valley.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking was originally developed as a training method for cross-country skiers and gained far broader appeal due to its many advantages. Nordic Walking works almost all the muscles in the human body and is gentle with your joints at the same time. Everybody can do it: grab your sticks and let's go!

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Riding holidays

Riding holidays in Alto Adige have a charm all their own. Gallop over alms, trot through the woods, and rest in front of lovely views. Swing yourelf into the saddle: there are stables in Avelengo, Meltina, S. Genesio and Merano.  We love horses too: on our farm at the Gampenpass we keep horses, llamas and donkeys. In the Summer months we take occasional trips to the farm and spend a day with you on the Nonsberg.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Lakes to swim in

Alto Adige has lovely swimming lakes of the highest quality: the Kalterer See or Lago di Caldaro is the warmest swimming lake in the Alps, and the lakes at Monticolo/Montiggl, Fiè/Völs and Costalovara/Wolfsgruben are idyllic, tucked away amongs forests and meadows. A hop in the warm water, at 24-28°C, will bring new life to tired bodies and spirits! PS: Don't forget: At the Hotel Ruipacherhof you will find an outdoor and an indor pool and the same at our sister hotel, the Hotel Rimmele.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Tighttrope parks

These parks are fun for the whole family. Balancing over swinging bridges, pulling oneself up on ropes and cables, getting over obstacles. You have to be brave and get over your fear of heights and dizziness.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Pure Adrenaline

Paragliding, Hang-gliding, Canoeing, Rafting, River-boating, Climbing: this holiday paradise offers lots of chances at pure action! We will be happy to advise you.

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